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Createk uses the latest and best technologies to achieve maximum performance of its products.


C++ is our language of choice for desktop development. Using the cross-platform UI and application framework Qt, we create code that is fast, elegant and platform-independent. Objective C and Java are used for mobile development.

XHTML, PHP, AJAX and MySQL are our preferred languages for web development. Applications that run in the cloud (Google App Engine, Amazon Elastic Cloud) are mostly implemented in Javascript and Java.

We use MATLAB and SIMULINK to prototype algorithms and models rapidly and professionally. Prior to deployment, we translate the code into high-performance C++.

High-performance computing

When performance is critical, applications can benefit from parallel computing. Large computations can often be divided into smaller pieces that can be carried out simultaneously. Parallelized computations take advantage of the multicore architecture of CPUs and GPUs present in modern systems. NVIDIA CUDA is the core technology for our gpu-accellerated supercomputing solutions.