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Createk offers a wide range of solutions targeted at the desktop, the web, mobile platforms and embedded systems. From idea to design to implementation, we take responibility for every phase in the development process.

High-performance computing

We develop high-performance, real-time applications using efficient multithreading and parallel computing. GPU acceleration offers supercomputing capabilities at low cost and sometimes yields performance improvements of several orders of magnitude. We have the expertise to decide which form of high-performance computing is appropriate for you.

Cloud computing

Running applications in the browser rather than from the desktop may be advantageous in cases where the application needs not te be run from a static place. Instead, the application is deployed on a remote machine, typically a platform virtualization, and thereby runs 'in the cloud'. Low cost, accessibility and resource scalability are several benefits of this technology. We understand the pros and cons of cloud computing and are able to decide whether it would be of use in your situation.

Computer vision

Many computer problems operate on ditigal media such as images and video. The detection of features, objects and motion are important examples of digital image processing used in the automated interpretation of images and video. Whether for the visual inspection of manufactured goods or for camera surveillance, creating 'software that sees' is on of our core competences.

Supported operating systems

We support deployment on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS and various embedded operating systems.